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Take time to realize….. ;)

"Everybody deserves a second chance" - is this applicable to everyone? Well for me, it depends. Depends on who you’re giving the chance to, and on the situation you guys are in.

Most of us don’t appreciate the things we have until they’re gone. That’s just how life is. It a complete bullcrap. But still, a big BLESSING. Chances are rarely given by people. But from what i have experienced and what i see in people, most of us just blows every chance we receive. It sucks right? But its true.

When chances are wasted, that’s when REALIZATIONS come in. Fvcking realizations which drive you crazy. Even if you don’t want to, random thoughts just pop out of your head. Ones that you want to think about and ones that you don’t want to remember. And when you realize things, that’s when you start to have regrets. Well, not always, but most of the times, people regret decisions and certain things.

They say “Don’t regret anything that made you smile”, that true, we shouldn’t. Because in the first place, it’s exactly what we wanted. If we make mistakes, we should just accept it, learn from it, and then move on. But we should never regret.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is, give out chances to those who deserve them but never regret giving it to them. ;)

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The feeling isn’t mutual anymore. Sucks! :| I guess that was the wrong move for me to do. Right? Angbilisnamanmawalanungsayo. HAHA! Well, I guess all I have to do and what I should do now is wait. :) You’ll come to your senses soon.. Will I invite you? I’m scared, yeah, I am. I’m afraid you wouldn’t come. Or when you do, everything else will be so awkward for me. But we’ll see. Who knows, I might change my mind and have the gutts to ask you if you wanna go. For now, let’s just keep this distance we have. But I have to admit, it’s killing me, and I’m starting to hate it. :P It’s like, we WERE NOT FRIENDS. :| Oh well. If that’s how it’s supposed to be, then I’ll let it be. :) :(

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Yes ;)

Yes ;)

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Ahhw :”>

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